Šakotis from the oven

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What šakotis is:
Popular Lithuanian-Polish traditional cake.

How traditional šakotis looks like:

How it is made:

So, not really your-average-kitchen-friendly '3' We can try to make it in the oven, though!

What do you need:
250 grams of butter
1 cup of sugar
3/4 cup of wheat flour
1/2 cup of potato flour
6 eggs
50 grams of grounded almonds
1 tablespoon of rum
1/2 vanilla bean or 1 vanilla essence
1 tablespoon of butter to coat the cake tin

1. Preheat oven to 200 deg C.
2. Cream the butter and sugar to the fluffy cream. Still grinding, add yolks one at a time, beating between additions. Then rum, almonds, core from the vanilla bean and both flours.
3. Make thick foam out of egg whites and then fold it with the pastry.
3. Coat the cake tin with butter.
4. Coat the bottom with 2 tablespoons of the batter.
5. Bake for about 5 minutes. When the cake lightly browns, take out the cake tin from the oven. On the baked layer put another 2 tablespoons of the batter and put it in the oven for another 5 minutes. Repeat it untill all the batter is gone.

When the whole šakotis is baked, you need to let the cake cool off. You can also frost it or put a powdered sugar on it.



I'd like to shortly explain to you the origin of my username. Gediminas' Tower is the last part of the Upper Castle - the part of Vilnius Castle Complex. The building started in the 9th century and was completely finished in 1409, during the rule of Grand Duke Vytautas the Great.

The Castle Complex was partially destroyed by Teutonic Knights in 1390, and then after the Battle of Vilnius in 1655 many of the buildings became ruins. During partitions it was still being demolished and soon the Gediminas' Tower became the last part of it that was left.

It's important place and also a symbol -- Lithuanian flag was re-hoisted there on October 7, 1988, during the independence movement. This Tower is also depicted on the litas (Lithuanian currency), and is often mentioned in Lithuanian poems and folk songs.

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